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I was born in Beirut Lebanon and have been playing piano since the age of seven.


I received my Bachelors Diploma in Piano from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. Intensive Programme of Musical Education from University Saint Esprit, Kaslik-Faculty of Music. I believe communication is important to enable me to instruct my students in the best way for us both. I am also flexible as some students want different results and some need different direction. I strive to expand my student’s interest by making lessons varied and interesting.

Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you so if you cannot give 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation then your lesson may still be charged. Lesson missed for any reason will not be added onto the end of the term/block dependant on circumstances. Please arrive on time for lessons with all books required.

Learn to play piano – How can a teacher help you!

When you consider the idea of learning new things, it can be both a challenging and a highly entertaining activity to pursue. When the new passion you wish to follow is playing piano, things are even more powerful in terms of emotions. And that is because this activity will make you feel so much better when you manage to play well.

However, following the steps that are required to take you to that stage can be time-consuming and challenging. Still, you can achieve great results fast by relying on the knowledge and the expertise of a teacher ready to show you everything you need to know about this. All those stunning girls you might have heard playing the piano perfectly have followed the same steps as you and are now ready and happy to perform in front of any audience.

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Learn how to play piano by following valuable tips

Many people who consider the idea of learning to play piano have a standard image in their mind featuring boring, long hours in which they should learn music notes. However, you should know that such misconceptions are not helpful in this case. These activities are meant to be done in a pleasant manner without any negative thoughts interfering in the process. After all, you wish to learn for your own pleasure and for giving your soul the energy it needs to rediscover joy and happiness. It is the first step to follow and the main tip you will receive from any gorgeous London girl who has been down this path before.

The next step in this process is represented by the stage when you get familiar with the notes. Discuss these stages with a beautiful girl to gain new insights on how you should do so. Although the music notes might seem strange to you in the beginning, your curiosity as well as the constant efforts and use of the notes will help you get through this stage successfully. These notes represent the ABC of the music industry. Moreover, constant practice is the key element to consider for learning the necessary aspects in this case.

Next step on the list is represented by the necessity to understand scales. Now that you have gained the basic knowledge and skills about the keys and your hands are ready to rest, you can start thinking about the scales. Magnificent girls who are now great piano players have followed the same steps. You should know that a scale consists of numerous notes and that there are various types available for you to choose from at any stage. These include major and minor scales that will no longer be unknown territory for you once you follow this step.

Professional teachers can make things easier for you

Learning to play on your own is much more difficult than acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills under the guidance of a teacher. He will be a player himself so it will be a lot easier to teach you both the theory and the right way to practice this newly discovered knowledge or passion. This is how every attractive girl who is now enjoying the benefits of playing piano has managed to learn everything necessary fast and in an effective manner.

The next stage you should consider is starting to read music once you have discovered the keys and know everything about the scales. Rely on the support of breathtaking girls sharing this passion to make everything easier and more entertaining. Moreover, let your teacher show you the way in which you can read and understand the most valuable nuances of written music before playing it out to the world.

Finally, go out with a fascinating London girl who loves to play piano and you will witness the pure joy on her face. This will power up your enthusiasm and get you ready for your next lesson with a professional piano player.