What piano should I buy – Tips for newbies

The piano has been used for decades and is one of the most dynamic musical instruments in that it keeps on changing through technology and innovation. This has resulted in different types of brands in the market each with varying components and qualities and different usage. Therefore, it might be challenging for a newbie to choose the most precise instruments for beginners that are easy to handle and play with without many complications. When thinking of purchasing a keyboard, it is important to consider various factors before coming to a conclusion because it is an expensive instrument that should not be bought without understanding the due considerations.


Primary considerations

As a newbie, it is essential to carefully consider the number of keys on the keyboard as this determines the ease of playing and coming up with the basic melodies. The traditional acoustic keyboard is regarded as the best instrument for amateurs as it helps them understand and get used to the uniqueness of the sounds output. It has an average number of 88 keys which are familiar to many players and also important to the beginners as it makes it easy for them to transit to the modern piano. However, some instruments have lesser number of keys but 61 is the least number recommended because having lesser keys limits the playing options. Also, the keyboard should have some teaching lessons that the students can follow at their own pace which can be very helpful. Other factors to consider include lighted key features, weighted keys, and pre-loaded songs and touch sensitive keys.

Best piano brands for newbies

The high number of brands in the market can make it challenging for starters to contemplate on their best option but it is advisable to go for Yamaha YPT-220 Keyboard which has a wide stereo display for beginners that allows learners to select and play the easy parts. Other recommended brands include Williams Legato and Alesis Coda Pro.

Keep these tips in mind, and they will guide you to an ideal keyboard.